DEAN BRODY finished with “give me jesus” I think we all can use a little Jesus

Oct 26.2016 It was a tough day. I questioned all of our decisions even though previously I felt at peace about them. Too many tears were shed and I was exhausted. It was just after 6pm and we finally got Lewiston to a place of comfort. Literally minutes later my Asian bestie comes to the door wearing a cowboy hat. Now before you get uptight I am trying to paint a picture for you. Marie (my asian bestie) is the last thing but country…she is a well put together, chic, stylish, city slicker kinda gal. Anyway Marie walks in with a cowboy hat and then boom in walks in DEAN FREAKIN BRODY! I was in such shock I could barely move, lost for words, just stood in shock.

Love me some country music and cowboy hats!


A girlfriend from spin (thanks fitness community) has some sweet hook ups and asked if he would pay a visit and sing for us. I guess with out hesitation he said no problem. In walks Dean Brody, his PR agent and my bestie Marie with cowboy hats…… Lewiston got his first concert and we got an evening of music.




Just when I am at the end of my rope, when I have no energy to take another step someone finds a way to fill our cup. Making sweet sweet memories.



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  1. Aasia says: Reply

    I cant stop crying …utterly the most beautiful, purest love I have ever seen from a child to parent and parent to child. The was so touching. I have never prayed for anyone and today is my first time for strength for your family and for this amazing little boy who inspires so many.

    1. Jessica Olstad says: Reply

      Thank you for your prayers….I always joke that God loves hearing best from those who don’t speak to him often. It is powerful stuff. We feel covered and loved. Keep them coming.

    2. Natalie olstad says: Reply

      Tears are running down my cheeks ,incredible song ,incredibly strong parents and such a lil fighter Lewiston ,Dean Brody you are one wonderful soul . This Song is absolutely The Best 🙏💙 love you Lewiston Ronnie and Jessica Love mom /Granny Nat

  2. Amber Simson says: Reply

    This is so cool!! What a great treat!! I’m so glad you, Ronnie, and Lewiston were able to have a private concert! I hope it recharged you a bit. 🙂

  3. Teri Kotelko says: Reply

    This is amazing! So happy you are a bit recharged. I am a person who is unsure of my faith but I continue to pray for you all and that a miracle to happen for your sweet boy! ❤️

    1. Jessica Olstad says: Reply

      xo keep ’em coming!

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